“Nottingham mammoths Lordaeron spent their time pummelling the drum kit into submission with their wall of sheer death metal noise. This drummer seems to be able to use his feet as fast as the best in the world. The bass drum speed is simply insane and sounded great over the system.”

Barry Anderson – MetalStorm.net

“Lordaeron is a drumming junkie’s idea of heaven. What can be said? The drummer might well be an android at the speed of the bass drums; blastbeats of course always welcome too.”

Barry Anderson – MetalStorm.net


“I loved the fire performance at my wedding in September 2012. It was a great way to entertain our guests, and they loved it just as much as we did. To top it all off, it made for amazing photos as we were saluted by columns of fire and a full moon.”

Bess Donald (2012)

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